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The Wayfarer for October 2018

Quiet Time? As much as the staff and I want to think there is a “down time” here at St. James’, it is not really true. Different times of year have different kinds of things going on, but there is …
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The Wayfarer for September 2018

New School Year There are several times as we circle the calendar that we encounter “new years.” In addition to January 1st, many organizations start a new fiscal year in July or August.  The Church Calendar begins anew in November …
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The Wayfarer for August 2018

August is Cool* The days of August are called the “dog days.” This is because the dog star, Sirius, can be seen rising just before the dawn beginning in late July. In the South, the dog days are days when …
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The Wayfarer for July 2018

How to Argue Like a Christian More and more, people are finding themselves on opposite sides of a great many issues. Our society certainly seems very polarized. There are a variety of ways to approach contentious issues. Download PDF for more

The Wayfarer for June 2018

Summer Plans My focus since Lent has been on how to engage folks who for whatever reason can’t make it to Sunday morning services as often as they would like. To that end, we have started a Wednesday evening offering …
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The Wayfarer for May 2018

WEEDS I am very excited about a new endeavor we are starting here at St. James’. As part of discussions that came out of our Lenten series, we are going to be having offerings on Wednesday evenings here at St. …
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The Wayfarer for April 2018

What’s Next? As I sit down to write this month’s article, I am looking forward to our Holy Week observances and the beginning of the Great Fifty Days of Easter. It is a busy, expectant, and joyful time of year. …
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The Wayfarer for March 2018

Holy Week 2018 I find it hard to believe that we are almost to another Holy Week and Easter together. I began my time here at St. James’ just before Holy Week in 2014, which makes this important time in …
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The Wayfarer for February 2018

What’s Happening in Lent Lent starts in February this year. In fact, Ash Wednesday is also Valentine’s Day, so if your valentine gives you chocolate, you’ll have to wait awhile to eat it. (Assuming that you are giving up chocolate …
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The Wayfarer for Dec. 2017 & Jan. 2018

Advent Events and Thanksgiving We are entering the season of Advent. While the world around us is increasing in frenzy for the Christmas season, we are scaling back. The periods of silence in the service will be a bit longer. …
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