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The Wayfarer for October 2016

Something New (Don’t Panic) I am beginning my sixth month as the rector of St. James’.  Before that, of course, I served for two years as the priest-in-charge.  When making the transition from one to the other, the vestry and …
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The Wayfarer for September 2016

Why Do We Do That? Why do we use incense?  What’s the deal with the candles?  Why do we have a lectionary?  Or a Book of Common Prayer for that matter?  What is an Anglican?  How are they different?  How …
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The Wayfarer for August 2016

Fear Not August has arrived and with it all kinds of activities.  Schools will be starting up, including our own day school near the end of the month.  We will be giving reminders as it gets closer, but the carefree …
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The Wayfarer for June and July 2016

Sacrifice and Martyrdom Liturgically speaking, we have entered the Season after Pentecost.  Some refer to it as “ordinary time.”  We have observed the great seasons of the Church year – Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Ascensiontide – …
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The Wayfarer for May 2016

Resurrection and Renewal Alleluia, Christ is risen. It is Easter season. Spring is springing. It is a time for rebirth and renewal. Depending upon when you read this, we are either anticipating or have had our first House Church of …
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The Wayfarer for April 2016

So, What Now? I believe that word has made its way around to most of the folks here at St. James’ that the vestry decided to call me as rector and that I accepted the call.  Pending the bishop’s approval …
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The Wayfarer for March 2016

Marching On It is difficult for me to believe it, but we have lived here in Greenville for almost two years now. Greenville seems so much like home that it feels like we’ve lived here forever. I still marvel at …
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The Wayfarer for February 2016

I do like red lentils. Green ones, too, for that matter. They are the only dried legume I know that do not require soaking before cooking. They are ready to go into the pot right out of the bag and …
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Christmas Eve at St. James

Christmas Festival Eucharist with Children’s Creche procession at 6 pm.

The Wayfarer for December 2015 and January 2016

Cur Deus Homo? Christmas will be here before we know it. As I write this, Thanksgiving is still over a week away. Our annual Bazaar looms much more on the horizon than Thanksgiving. Last year, I did not know what …
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