By St James Greenville  |  November 29, 2012  |  welcome

We are a parish of The Episcopal Church in the United States of America and the Diocese of Mississippi. Our Bishop is the Right Reverend Duncan M. Gray, III. The Episcopal Church is part of a worldwide communion of Anglican churches. Our history is rooted in the Church of England and we look to the Archbishop of Canterbury for Communion leadership. St. James was established in Greenville in 1869 and we welcome you to walk with us in whatever stage of certainty or doubt you find yourself. We are a people whose life finds its source and meaning in Holy Baptism, through which we all are adopted as God’s children, and by which we become members of Christ’s holy and universal Church. The vows we take at baptism commit us to a radical love of God, of each other, and of all who might need us. Each Sunday we gather for Holy Eucharist, a ritual meal that binds us together in Christ’s love and strengthens us to take that love into the world. We seek and affirm the broadest kind of diversity in our membership and we welcome all baptized persons to the holy table.

New Member Information

  • If you wish to join our Church…
  • but you have not been baptized, you may speak to the minister about instruction for your baptism into the body of Christ, or…
  • you may have your present membership transferred to St. James from another Episcopal church, or…
  • you may speak to the minister about membership in the Episcopal Church.

All newcomers are invited to participate in any program of St. James. There are opportunities for people of every age to learn, grow, and meet others who are seeking to deepen their faith and connect with others. You may have your name added to our mailing list to receive our newsletter which includes information about our church programs. If you are a member of another church and you work or live in the city temporarily, we encourage you to worship with us and join in our life as fully as you wish.

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