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The Wayfarer for August 2019

Better Together Here we are at another August. We tend to think of summer as being somehow “quieter,” but that is only with respect to the day school children. Things still go along full steam, download PDF for more

The Wayfarer for June, 2019

Building the Future Now I am very excited. Our very own Annis’ Children Ministry is growing and developing in amazing ways. We wanted to find a hands-on outreach opportunity for the members of our parish, download PDF for more

The Wayfarer for May 2019

Resurrection Alleluia! Christ is risen. This is the traditional Easter greeting. For fifty days we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, culminating in the celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The Great Fifty Days …
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The Wayfarer for March 2019

LENT 2019 I am really looking forward to the next couple of months as we begin Lent and then move into Holy Week and Easter. This is when we are in the heart of the liturgical year. download PDF for more

The Wayfarer for February 2019

Exploring the BOS For whatever reason, I have lately taken to perusing the Book of Occasional Services (BOS). This is one of the books of the Episcopal Church, and it is a collection of liturgies and other items that, from …
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The Wayfarer for Dec 2018 & Jan 2019

Transitions As I write this, Bazaar has come and gone. While we will not know the total raised until all the expenses are accounted for, I would call it a success. Bazaar was a success because so many folks worked …
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The Wayfarer for November 2018

Taking Part I am very glad to see the arrival of November. It is one of my favorite times of year. The weather gets a little cooler, and there are many exciting things happening. Thanksgiving, for example, is a personal …
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The Wayfarer for October 2018

Quiet Time? As much as the staff and I want to think there is a “down time” here at St. James’, it is not really true. Different times of year have different kinds of things going on, but there is …
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The Wayfarer for September 2018

New School Year There are several times as we circle the calendar that we encounter “new years.” In addition to January 1st, many organizations start a new fiscal year in July or August.  The Church Calendar begins anew in November …
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The Wayfarer for August 2018

August is Cool* The days of August are called the “dog days.” This is because the dog star, Sirius, can be seen rising just before the dawn beginning in late July. In the South, the dog days are days when …
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